Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Desk/Dresser Catch-All

I made this for my brother for Christmas, I just finished it because we just celebrated last week so I had some extra time ;) I found the pattern in my new book "One-Yard Wonders" I LOVE this book-- there are so many great ideas!

This project was difficult-- I had to make my own bias tape, which I had never attempted before--and putting the bias tape on the square basket was difficult but I think it turned out well!

It has a hole to put cell phone/iPod chargers through-- genius!

I was supposed to use a quilting technique-- but I have never quilted ( I aspire to make a quilt one of these days) So I just sort of winged it ;)

Now that I am looking at these pictures I realize I really should wait until daylight to take pictures of my finished projects. I always finish reallllyyy late at night and I am so excited, I take pictures right away. I should be patient and wait until the next day!


Nathan said...

Mel, we love it and actually put it on our foyer table for keys, phones, junk, etc. I have not had a chance to wire it up yet but will eventually once I get a power strip that can actually hold more than 2 chargers!

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