Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day v2

I tried posting these pictures last week, but Photobucket and I were arguing and it didn't go well. So I am trying it again

I got this adorable idea from Skip to My Lou-- Alexis and I had so much fun making these for all of her friends at daycare!

I have wanted to make crayon rolls for awhile, and had leftover material from the girls' Valentine's outfits so I decided to make a few crayon rolls, but I altered them a bit so I could put little pads of paper in them. Did you know Michael's now has an entire $1 aisle?? Awesome. I got the crayons and notepads there. I made these for some of Alexis' friends, she was invited to a Valentine's Tea Party. Five of her cute little friends were there, so it was a perfect opportunity to make these. I have considered making these for her entire class, but there are like 18 kids in her class and these babies took forever to make.

I also made cute little outfits for each of the girls, but of course I didn't take pictures of them. I would put the outfits back on them and snap a few but they are sleeping right now and I am pretty sure if I woke them up for blogging purposes it would make me a bad Mom ;)


Rachael said...

Oh my gosh, Mel! Those are so cute!! I'd love to see the girls' outfits. I've made square things, but I haven't made much in the clothing department. :)

Colleen said...

CUTE stuff! I think you NEED to put the outfits back on for some pics!

Anonymous said...

These are freakin' adorable Melanie!!!! I absolutely love them! Rach

Anonymous said...

Everything is very cute.
Dad wanted to know why not an "S" on the cape?
Ann & Dad

Anonymous said...

I can see the next Vera Bradley!


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