Monday, March 8, 2010

Reversible Superhero Cape

I bought the fabric for this months ago. Originally it was going to be a Birthday gift for Alexis, then a Christmas gift, then a Valentine's Day gift- you get the idea ;) I finally started making it last week. The "original" fabric was this polyester satin stuff from the clearance section of JoAnn's for the "Super Alexis" side, along with a fake-y purple velvet for the "Queen's" side.

Satin is evil. Evil. Evil. Evil. Everything was a huge disaster! I kept trying to "fix" my mistakes and the cape was uneven and getting smaller and smaller because I kept trying to cut out my mistakes! Finally, I gave up and bought simple cotton. I am soooo happy with the results! It was so easy to make and only took one evening! These pictures don't do it justice (in my oh so humble opinion) and I probably should have ironed it before snapping these shots, but I am pretty sure Super Girl isn't afraid of wrinkles.


Anonymous said...

YOu are officially the coolest mom ever!!! Payton, Ashton and Gray are officially jealous and want a new mom :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, she loves it! (And I totally could've warned you off the satin - pain in the butt!)

Nadine said...

GREAT JOB!!! Let me know when you're taking orders. ;-)

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